Sunday, August 18, 2013

Its been a while .... :o)

Yes, its definitely been a while.  I discovered much to my horror organising a home schooling household, renovating an old orphanage, sorting building contractors, painting, adapting to a new life in a new part of the country all while camping in your new house with all your household effects in storage for months was ... well ... exhausting!  As a result the HB edition of Pinterest 365 and all other creating, blog hopping, and general downtime went out the window while the renovations took place.  It was disappointing to fail after such a spectacular win with the first 365 days of Pinterest Creations but that is life and that's ok.

Tiong Bahru, Singapore ... the view from my sisters home :)
We moved our household items into the house on the 12th July, exactly three months after taking possession.  Its not finished completely but it is coming along nicely :o)  Three days after "moving in" properly the kids and I left for Auckland and landed in Singapore later that week!  We are still in Singapore spending some quality time with my sister and her peeps ... its been amazing and rejuvenating all at the same time.  In two weeks time we head back to New Zealand after being here for six weeks just in time for Spring to start and a home warming party to happen.

The pair of sneakers that started the new 365 day goal!
 I have put my time to good use over here and found my mojo again, especially for a personal goal that has been hanging around for years.  It's another 365 day project but this time it's very personal and something I have now found the energy and belief in myself to do it and succeed at it.  It all started with a pair of sneakers and some advice from one of my sisters dear friends Caryn.  If you are interested I have started a new blog for this journey and really want to encourage others to come join me, start a blog of your own and get a fitness or health goal that meets your needs for the next 365 days!  I figure that way we can all inspire each other to keep going :o)

I will be back posting on this blog ... my first, my baby ... in a couple of weeks time when I return to New Zealand.  I have missed my Pinterest creating and now with the major renovating work complete it is time to start the decorating and turn the orphanage into a home!  I won't be posting daily projects anymore but there will be a couple a week and plenty of recipes I will try and want to share as well. 

Thanks for all the lovely feedback over the last several years ... it means so much, its been highly motivating, and I have met the most wonderful people from around the world because of this blog ... I have been so lucky, so a heartfelt thank you to you all xx


Monday, May 6, 2013

Ben's Walls Finished: Part Two!

The city scape is finally finished!  Really happy with the finished result and Ben can't wait to move into the city ;)    In Part One, the building outlines were finished and Part Two was all about adding windows and details back in with the lighter colour.  This lighter colour i am using for the windows is the same as the base colour I used to initially paint the top of the walls with.

For this part you need painters tape, I used three different widths, and a spirit level that will become your best friend during this process ... nothing worse than having wonky windows when you have gone to this much effort!  I went for a skyline like you would see at night, so the big prestigious buildings would have their light effects on and the little buildings would have windows dotted about with lights on from some hard workers still at the grindstone!

Once again, this idea was sprung from all the awesome cityscape wall murals I have seen on Pinterest.  While I couldn't get a wall mural for Ben's room that would fit our really tall 3.66m walls (or afford to have one specifically made!), the inspiration that lead to this idea definitely came from all the amazing ideas on my favourite website Pinterest! Ben's room is all about travel, cities, and Lego so if you have a child that might fit in with these decor ideas check out my board on Pinterest Ben's Bedroom for some decor ideas :)

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Finally ... The Wall is READY to be Pimped: PART ONE

I have spen the last few days painting up a storm ... sometimes it feels like EVERYTHING needs painting and to be honest when you start any major renovations, it can be a tad overwhelming to pit it mildly.  At the moment we have a builder putting up walls, and electricians making the house safe redoing all the old and unsafe wiring.  It feels full on and I am trying hard to work around them and make progress with lots of painting so I can get on to the fun stuff!

Finally we got to a stage in Ben's room where lots of late nights have paid off and we can have some fun tonight!  Originally I wanted to put a wall mural up on two of his walls of a sunset skyline from one of the major cities around the world.  The only problem with this plan was our 3.66 metre stud height ... I couldn't find a wall mural tall enough to fit the walls!  Roll out Plan B make one at a fraction of the cost and one that will fit the height of the walls you have at hand ;)

While I was looking at wall murals I found heaps of wall decals of city scape silhouettes, very cool but again far to small for what I was imagining.  But it did get me thinking, I could make my own using two shades of paint, painters tape, a level, and the help of a handy dandy husband who isn't as afraid of heights as you are.

To start this adventure we painted the top half of the walls with the background light colour.  This way you don't waste paint on the lower half that is going to be mostly your darker colour.  The silhouette is only going on two walls, all four would be too much, not a fan of a feature wall so two became the logical choice!  Once the lighter shade is painted you can get jiggy and create a skyline out of painters tape.  This initial taping is only the outline of the buildings, windows and details will happen tomorrow in Part Two.    Once the taping was done, the underside of all the painters tape was painted out in our darker shade.  I chose two greys for this project, the dark shade is four times the tint of the lighter shade.

Photos below of the process, sorry they are so terrible it was late at night and the light was foul so it was the best i could get. Waited until this morning to take the next lot so hopefully they are a little clearer! Next stop windows and details!

Monday, April 29, 2013

HB Day 10: Kitchen Chalk Board

It's so sad when good friends leave after you have had such an awesome extended weekend with them. Just as well there are plenty of ideas on Pinterest to keep busy with. Today we are in the kitchen painting trim and this lead to today's Pinterest inspired creation! Everywhere you look on Pinterest there are chalk boards in all sorts of amazing places, styles, and shapes and they are so useful, especially in the kitchen.

I purchased a roll of vinyl chalk board to use rather than painting. I am doing WAY too much painting to consider doing this in paint as well and when you can easy stick and go there really isn't any argument either ... done is better than perfect and fast makes the icing so much sweeter ;)

I did have to paint the door before starting to adhere the vinyl .... got to love an old house where all the white paint has gone yellow over the years and now takes four coats of white paint to cover what was white paint! Once the door was fully saturated in paint and had finally dried I cut two oblongs larger than the spaces they were to go in. This stuff was really really easy to put up and get crinkle free. I then used a Stanley knife to trim around the edges before grabbing the chalk and giving it a go.

Worked really well and the old panel doors are perfect for adhering vinyl to so you can create ideal list size chalk boards. Job done ... I guess that means I should get back to the painting ... maybe after a hot drink ... and I've done some more of the puzzle we have started ... and I've done some blog hopping ... oh who am I kidding, it's late, I'll start again tomorrow!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Fun with Friends

We have had the best weekend, our gorgeous and hilarious friends from our old haunt came down to see our new home and region ... we had the BEST time showing them around and being really proud of our new house and the lifestyle we are creating. I spent quite a bit of the time trying to persuade them to follow suit and move down this way unashamedly!

As such, the house reno's took a back set while we spent time enjoying their company and the surrounding countryside ... we are truly blessed to live in the Hawkes Bay, yeah I might have mentioned that once or twice already :) We did manage to select the carpet for the house, go to Rush Munro's for the ultimate in ice cream experience, find an amazing organic cheese shop which lead to superb pizzas for dinner, AND tick off several Autumn Bucket List items! Not bad, not bad at all.

Anyway, tomorrow things kick up a gear with the builders, electricians, and me with my paint brush all putting in a full week of work. Tomorrow I take to the kitchen to paint doors and windows in there along with a chalkboard idea I have seen on Pinterest. And in the afternoon, I will attack Ben's walls now that all the trim is finished and, as promised, I have a very cool idea from Pinterest for the finishing touches on his walls ;) It's going to be a BIG week.

Friday, April 26, 2013


Lest we forget

98 years ago New Zealand joined the World War 1 campaign and it is on the 25th of April each year we remember them.  I have been to the dawn services since I was a young girl and it something I have ingrained in my children since they were littlies.  For me it becomes more important each year as the old soldiers lessen, and for those that are left and reap the benefits of sacrifices made by those lost to war to remember them and honor those that paid the ultimate price.

It is a day of reflection, of pride in what our very young country took on, and a day to be with family and good friends.  It makes me so proud to see how many continue to make the early morning effort and pay their respects at a dawn service ... Kia kaha New Zealand.

If you want any resources for adults or children I have heaps on my Pinterest board Lest We Forget.  Nothing creative as for us today is a time for reflecting and gratitude, enjoy your day :)

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

HB Day 8: Trim Painting

I found it really hard to take pictures of today's Pinterest inspiration ... it's more of a "use this advice and you will become a better painter" sort of a deal! I am not known as a perfectionist painter in my family, more of the RSB type of painter. Done is way better than perfect in my book ;) This time around I figured some friendly advice from painters pinned to Pinterest was a really good idea if I wanted my sweet but pedantic, likes things done just right but hates to paint himself husband from making too many complaints! That and the fact this is a really old house so nothing stands square, has crisp straight lines so the painting is going to make things look much better but not perfect and definitely not if I do my usual style of painting :)

Without doubt the most useful advice I found was on the family handyman ( This website has ten great tips that get you started on the right foot. Let me tell you I learnt a thing or two today that I definitely put into practise and even my sweet husband had some happy comments about my painting efforts today.

As instructed I started with all the trims. I need to put one more coat on them tomorrow and then its onto the walls. Very happy with progress today even though it was more time consuming than my usual effort ;) Ah well, at least the imperfections are fewer and soon I will be at the exciting walls where you get Big Bang for ya buck!! Incidentally, this is peep Bens room and we have a VERY cool feature going on two of his walls so stay tuned ... I can't wait :o)